About us

Imperial Fabricators Company was founded in 1956. This is a third generation family business. We have recently moved from our Chicago location. The new location is 9119 Medill Avenue, in Franklin Park, Illinois.We are a manufacturer of electronic compents for many industry giants. Our goal is to always make the perfect product for our customer,exactly how the customer wants it,and when.

With the publication of this new website, we have attempted to assist you in product design and purchasing requirements. A sampling of products available are terminal boards, speaker boards, binding post boards, and pin boards. With over FIFTY years in this business, we offer a limitless combination of products. We stock a large variety of terminals,typicaly made from brass or steel. We can plate the terminals to customer standards,or use them unplated. With our wide experience of supplying component parts to the Electronics industry, we have become specialists in fabricating components from fibre,  fishpaper , phenolics , polyester glass, nomex and other flame retardant , arc resistant materials. These materials can be custom cut,run off in multi terminal strips ,or manufactured from one of our vast inventory of tooling. At Imperial,we have built a solid business on one thought:if you need it,we will build it. Efficiently,correctly,on time and at a fair cost.

We've usually done it before!

Having been in business for over 50 years, there are few designs and concepts we have not seen before. Imperial will work with you to either find a product you need ,from our previous products,or help you design one that fits your needs.